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Eovaldi’s makes a tasty sandwich. The Extra Special (with roast beef, ham, mortadella, Genova salami, pepper cheese, let/tom/pickles, onions, pepper cheese, light mayo, and a squirt of the house Italian dressing) is as good as any poor-boy-style sandwich in town–and at $4.95 for 6 inches, it’s as good a value. Then there’s the Sicilian Bomber, a gussied-up “dip” sandwich dosed with bomber gravy, so named because of its tendency to drop bombs of the gravy’s components–sauteed onions, mushrooms, and red peppers.

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Riverfront Times votes Eovaldi’s the Best Delicatessen in St. Louis 2010!

EOVALDI’S DELI & CATERING “ON THE HILL”. We Deliver throughout the St. Louis Area. Conveniently located at 2201 Edwards at Bischoff.

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