Riverfront Times votes Eovaldi’s the Best Delicatessen in St. Louis 2010!

Eovaldi’s makes a tasty sandwich. The Extra Special (with roast beef, ham, mortadella, Genova salami, pepper cheese, let/tom/pickles, onions, pepper cheese, light mayo, and a squirt of the house Italian dressing) is as good as any poor-boy-style sandwich in town–and at $4.95 for 6 inches, it’s as good a value.

Then there’s the Sicilian Bomber, a gussied-up “dip” sandwich dosed with bomber gravy, so named because of its tendency to drop bombs of the gravy’s components–sauteed onions, mushrooms, and red peppers.

George Mahe from FEAST. St. Louis Magazine’s Food, Wine, and Spirits Blog

It’d be easy to stick with the classic hot salami, roast beef or cod fillet, but the thing to order here is anything that includes Eovaldi’s smooth and spicy red sauce, Bomber Gravy or flavorful salsiccia, all made in-house.

But it’s not necessarily the food that accounts for the whole Eovaldi’s experience. This is an old-school neighborhood spot, complete with extremely friendly, prompt and accurate service.

The cozy place is also unusually quiet; no radio, no TV – just the hum of the deli cases and the sound of the handless meat slicer. It’s charming, consistent, perfect if you’re in a hurry and, of course, quite inexpensive.

Try It, You’ll Like It: The Daddy, rich and sizable, is perfect for cold or warm weather.
Sauce Magazine

Mom’s & Pop Italian deli that serves the most flavorful food on a consistent bases. They are pretty plain, dated and small inside, but I do not care because I take the food elsewhere like Tower Grove or Forest Park. The salads are phenomenal. I think they get better Italian meats than almost any place on the hill (or anywhere).

I enjoy the meals from here far more than most Americanized Italian places on The Hill.

Dave F from Review

Unfortunately, a lot of people have never heard of this place. My dad took me here when I was 13 and I’ve been here close to a couple hundred times since (I’m 21 now). I bring friends and other family members here to eat, especially friends who grew up on other local deli shops. The service is great, the bread they use is the best, and the atmosphere is very nostalgic. Whether you decide on a cold sandwich like the Extra Special or a hot sandwhich like the Daddy, you will not be let down. Their pasta and pizza also are very good. Several people I’ve brought here used to go to other delis their whole life and now only go here when they want a great sandwich! Quick, cheap, and tasty. I highly recommend it.

Kevin on The Urban Spoon

Eovaldi’s features a full menu of pastas, salads, sandwiches and other Italian specialties. Eovaldi’s also make its own Italian breakfast sausage called Luganiga and offers a variety of olive oils, pastas, spices and other Italian novelties.

I was in from Virginia this past weekend driving in the hill area and looking for a good Italian place to eat. An electrician on the street just recommended this little deli up the street. Had a green awning out front with a deli & catering sign.

We ordered the Godfather and a Meatball sub. The sauce, bread, and both sandwiches were unbelievably delicious. So fresh, so tasty, just every bite was better than the next.

The service by the cooks and/or crew fixing the food was just excellent. To me it had that great 1950’s “hill look” and I will drive however far it takes next time in St.Louis for this Italian food.

I give the food, service,and atmosphere a strong TEN.

mwylan on Citysearch

Sometimes the charm of The Hill is elusive, and people need to be reminded just what it is about 007 the neighborhood that’s drawn St. Louisans (and others) for almost a century. We needed some lunch and knew that serious sandwiches from Eovaldi’s would fill the void.

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